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Seeed Studio Grove for Scratch

Seeed Studio Grove for Scratch

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Product details

  • Grove for Scratch is an expansion board that allows various Grove modules to be controlled from Scratch via a USB cable.
  • Grove for Scratch is an expansion board that allows you to use Grove’s various sensors and actuators through the visual programming language Scratch. For Scratch-compatible environments Scratch and Stretch3. Compared with other Grove expansion boards, Grove for Scratch does not need to download other software such as Arduino, because Grove for Scratch is built in the WebSerial function, which means that you only need to use your existing browsers to open and start programming.

Product Specifications:

  • System requirement:
  1. Windows10/ Windows11
  2. Chromebook
  3. Mac
  4. Linux
  • Terminals:
  1. Analog input x1(shared with Grove terminal)
  2. Digital input/output x1 (shared with Grove terminal)
  3. Voltage: 5V
  • Grove Port:
  1. Grove Analog Port x2
  2. Grove Digital Port x2
  3. Grove I2C Port x2

Product Features:

  • No need to install the app: No need to install the Scratch  Link app, AkaDako is built in the WebSerial function, so it can be used with existing browsers out of the box
  • Easy to use: AkaDako does not require an external battery and can be powered by connecting it to a computer via USB.
  • No pairing required: No Bluetooth pairing is necessary with AkaDako because it is a USB connection, unlike Scratch Link. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to go.
  • Diversification: Grove for Scratch offers a wide variety of Groves’ ports, allowing users to simultaneously use a variety of Grove products to generate virtually endless possibilities.


  1. AI
  2. Smart Home
  3. Education
  4. IoT

Packages Includes:

  • 1 x Seeed Studio Grove for Scratch

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