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Our Vision

The Vision of RobotSkull is to deliver the best to its customer within the promised time frame. We assure you to deliver the quality product as early as possible and at a reasonable cost. RobotSkull is your one-stop destination for Electronics, Mechanical, DIY, Hobby, RC & Engineering products.

We realized the hardships faced by people who had limited access to a variety of products at the right prices with sparse information on how to use them and had no other option than to pay exorbitant prices to import them in the country. was founded with a vision to eliminate this problem and empower the community by making them available an extensive variety of quality products at the best possible prices.


History of the Company

RrobotSkull was founded within the shop named as Lovely Electronics in the city of Vadodara. Our aim is to deliver the best to the people and satisfy the customer needs at the most affordable price and reasonable cost. We are determined to sell the best products at low prices making it available for the large mass of Indian Population. We wanted to reach more people and make them benefited with the new electronic products which make our life simpler and easier