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Orange Pi Touch Screen (For Orange Pi 3G-IoT)

Orange Pi Touch Screen (For Orange Pi 3G-IoT)

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Product details

Product Descriptions:

Orange Pi Touch Screen for the Orange Pi 3G-IoT, consider factors like display size, resolution, touch technology, and compatibility with the board's interfaces. Review the product specifications and compatibility details provided by the touch screen manufacturer to ensure proper connectivity and functionality with the Orange Pi 3G-IoT.

Product Parameters:

Touch Panel Parameter Touch panel mode Capacitive screen
  Size 68.40 mm *141.32 mm
  Driver IC GSL2338 G+F
  Power voltage 2.8V
  Light transmission ≥82%
  Surface hardness 7H
  Operating temperature -10℃~+60℃≤90%RH
  Storage temperature -20℃~+70℃≤90%RH
Display panel parameter Display mode TFT
  Driver IC
Whether contains with RAM
  Pixel lattice 480(RGB)X 854
  Module size 66.4mm*120.05mm*2.06mm
  Display area 62.06 mm *110.42 mm
  Connector MIPI
  LED no. 12-LEDn
  Connect method Series parallel
  Current 40MA

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