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Orange Pi Case-Zero/Zero LTS

Orange Pi Case-Zero/Zero LTS

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Product details

Product Descriptions:

The Orange Pi Case-Zero and Zero LTS are protective cases specifically designed for the Orange Pi Zero and Orange Pi Zero LTS single-board computers, respectively. These cases are intended to provide physical protection and support for the Orange Pi boards.

Compact Design: The cases are small and compact, perfectly fitting the Orange Pi Zero and Zero LTS boards.

Durable Construction: They are made of sturdy materials, such as high-quality plastic or acrylic, to ensure protection against accidental damage.

Accessible Ports: The cases have precise cutouts to allow easy access to the board's ports, including USB, Ethernet, HDMI, audio, and GPIO pins.

Heat Dissipation: The cases may feature ventilation holes or slots to help dissipate heat generated by the board during operation.asy Assembly: The cases are designed for easy assembly and disassembly, allowing convenient access to the board when needed.

Mounting Options: Some cases may provide mounting holes or brackets for attaching the Orange Pi Zero or Zero LTS to various surfaces or structures.

Product Specifications:

Length: 56mm
Width: 51mm
Height: 32mm

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