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DC 12V Pneumatic Diaphragm Water Pump Motor R365

DC 12V Pneumatic Diaphragm Water Pump Motor R365

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Product details

Quick Overview

  • Model: R365 DC micro diaphragm pump
  • Working voltage: DC 12V
  • No load current: 0.23A
  • Maximum flow: 2-3 liters/minute
  • Outlet maximum pressure: 1-2.5 kg
  • Maximum lift: 1-2.5 meters
  • Maximum suction: 2 meters
  • Motor length: 32mm
  • Motor diameter: 28mm
  • Pump length: 36mm


Product Description

        DC 12V Pneumatic Diaphragm Water Pump Motor R365 pump is a low cost and lightweight water pump. It is ideal for non-submersible pumps for a variety of liquid and air movement applications. As it provides enough pressure, used with nozzles to make the spray systems. 

This R365 6-12V DC mini aquarium pump is highly resistant to heat. It can handle heated liquid up to a temperature range of 80 degrees Celsius. The pump supplied with 1M of silicon hose that you can cut to your requirements.

Under the powered condition, the pump can suck water through the tube up to 2m and can pump water vertically up to 3m. This pump runs very quietly with a sound level under 30db while pumping the liquid. Whereas it is also capable of pumping air, but pumping air is quite noisy compared with the liquid. 

This mini aquarium pump also provides a filter inside as well as a suction cup.R385 12V mini aquarium pump operates at a voltage range of 6V-12V with 0.5A-0.7A, and delivers it maximum operating voltage when power is at the upper end of this range, thus it helps to suck to smooth surface tightly. This mini aquarium pump is capable of providing a maximum flow rate of 2l-3l/min.



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